Underground Utilities Located Along 60 Mile Pipeline Project In West Texas

Prior to installing a new 60 mile underground pipeline, an energy company subcontracted Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, LLC to locate all existing underground utilities within the proposed trench path. After completion of this project, we were able to provide our client with more than 20 unknown lines crossing pipeline right of way. With the help from the Ground Penetrating Radar Systems team, the subcontractor was able to complete the project with no line strikes and no lost time on site. After each area was scanned, the utility line locations were collected via GPS and exported to a Google Earth KMZ for the client to use in the future, holding a convenient and precise permanent record. With the findings from the GPRS team, our client was able to safely expose all underground anomalies prior to excavation. At the completion of each day, our GPRS team communicated thoroughly with the Superintendents to provide the results of the findings. GPR shows data in real time, the results were communicated to the customer with the location and depths shown using spray paint and white pin flags. Safety is top priority with GPRS; all necessary personal protective equipment (“PPE”) is utilized at all time on all work on sites, and our goal is to get our team, and yours, home safely.

The above-ground is never a safe indication of what’s below. Contact Ground Penetrating Radar Systems prior to any excavation, boring, sampling, or remediation projects to locate any known or unknown underground utility lines. This will help you and your team avoid costly repairs and delays to your project. Ground Penetrating Radar System uses the newest and most advanced tools in the industry. When coupled with our industry-leading proprietary training program, our Projects Managers bring unparalleled excellence to your scope of work. (Visit www.simspec.org for more information). Using a vast network of experienced Project Managers across the country, there is never a problem that GPRS is not ready to tackle. Ground Penetrating Radar Systems provides the solutions to the problems that can be experienced by any trade or contractor in the field

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