Post Tensioned Cables Located Prior to Drilling Anchor Locations at Whole Foods in Houston, Texas

Prior to drilling and installing over 100 anchor and concrete core locations for new plumbing, electrical and HVAC systems, a local general contractor subcontracted Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, LLC to scan and locate post tensioned cables throughout the entire store. The contractor knew that the concrete slab on the floor and ceiling contained post tensioned cables and wanted to avoid them for the duration of all drilling. This was the contractor’s first time working with GPRS and after asking around other general contractors, many other companies referred GPRS as their go-to concrete scanning company. Since the anchor locations were on the ceiling, GPRS also rented and provided an aerial lift with certified Project Manager’s for the duration of the project. After mobilizing to the jobsite, the Ground Penetrating Radar Systems team was able to locate multiple post tensioned cables and conduits running in the floor and ceiling slabs. Many of the areas where the contractor wanted to drill floor cores had conduits running directly through the area. GPRS was able to mark these out and save on potentially thousands of dollars in damage and prevent any possible injuries. The GPRS team was also able to locate multiple post tensioned cables directly in the areas of concern in the ceiling anchor locations and floor core locations. Using the SIM (Subsurface Investigation Methodology) system that was created by GPRS, the contractor was provided with clear markings and understanding of all findings. The contractor was able to make all necessary adjustments to the drilling in real time as the GPRS Project Managers completed each of the scan areas. During this process, the GPRS Project Manager on site provided clear and concise communication with the client on all site limitations and findings. Using the information provided, the client was able to make informed decisions, keeping their project on time, under budget, and most importantly, safe. Safety is top priority with GPRS; all necessary personal protective equipment (“PPE”) is utilized at all time on all work on sites, and our goal is to get our team, and yours, home safely.

The above-ground is never a safe indication of what’s below. Contact Ground Penetrating Radar Systems prior to any excavation, boring, sampling, or remediation projects to locate any known or unknown underground utility lines. This will help you and your team avoid costly repairs and delays to your project. Ground Penetrating Radar System uses the newest and most advanced tools in the industry. When coupled with our industry-leading proprietary training program, our Projects Managers bring unparalleled excellence to your scope of work. (Visit for more information). Using a vast network of experienced Project Managers across the country, there is never a problem that GPRS is not ready to tackle. Ground Penetrating Radar Systems provides the solutions to the problems that can be experienced by any trade or contractor in the field.

Our Mission is to provide solutions to the critical problems our customers face regarding the location of hidden elements in concrete and underground.

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