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GPRS El Paso, TX Office Locates Utilities in Horizon

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, LLC. was contacted by a contractor that needed to know the location of utilities prior to trenching earlier this month. The client's primary concern was to determine the location of any utilities or other near-surface items within the excavation area prior to digging so that they can place directional signs. The project consisted of clearing approximately 1000’ of trench line. Utilizing the latest in GPR and Radio Detection technology, Joseph R. Granados of the EL Paso, TX Office scanned the site and was able to mark out several utilities traveling through the proposed areas. All of the utilities that were located were then marked directly onto the service in real time while GPRS was on site. The use of ground penetrating radar allowed the client to stay safe while digging and helped to keep them on their tight completion schedule. With the professional services provided by GPRS, no utilities were struck during the excavation of the three areas allowing the client to stay safe on this project.

If you have a project in the El Paso, TX / New Mexico area and you need to locate utilities or need to locate items embedded in concrete such as rebar, post tension cables, or conduits, please contact the TX/NM Office for a free estimate. If you need more information or need a cost proposal for your next project please contact, Joseph R. Granados at (915) 765-7442 or

We are dedicated to helping our clients solve problems and answer questions during your pre-planning phases as well, if you need to learn more about how GPR works or have questions about an upcoming project contact Area Manager, Troy Bullock, at (480) 227-8614 or